Edison Tech Building New Adirondack Chairs for Corn Hill Landing Terrace

The time has come for new Adirondack chairs and CHNA is delighted to be working with Edison Tech teachers and students to have them built.

Corn Hill Neighbors is teaming up with Edison Tech’s carpentry program to place new Adirondack chairs on the Terrace immediately south of Corn Hill Landing. Ten chairs are now being built by the Edison Tech students. The plan is that these chairs will be on the pad this summer.

CHNA is purchasing the materials while the students are providing the essential craftsmanship and labor. Teacher Scott Moore is supervising this effort and art teacher Anne Niederpruem ’s students will be adding artistic touches. Both these teachers deserve our thanks!

We’ll soon be able to follow the student’s efforts on Edison Tech’s YouTube channel.

CHNA’s involvement in enhancing the Terrace started in 2013. Members of the former Vision Committee purchased six store-bought chairs. Sturdier chairs were built in 2014, with additional chairs added in 2017. Our chairs, along with two picnic tables added in 2016 and another added this year, are extremely popular with Corn Hill residents and the numerous walkers and bikers out enjoying the river.

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