A Curious Coincidence

~ By Jim DeVinney

When some interesting decorations began showing up around the neighborhood, a friend suggested I do a story about the man who created them. The works make use of old house shutters, festooned with artificial flowers and wreaths. The talented person behind them is a recent arrival to our neighborhood, Dan Cullen, who, last July 4th, moved into an apartment in the house at 199 South Plymouth. That is the very house that I have been writing about in my After Thoughts column for the last two issues of the Gazette. Dan had read my first article in the November issue and kindly invited me in to see his place.

In August 2014, shortly after I moved into Corn Hill, a round stained glass window on the Troup Street side of the house caught my attention and I photographed it. That window, it turns out is in Dan’s apartment where his Christmas decorations are just as creative as his work around the neighborhood. And so, by agreeing to learn more about the mysterious elf decorating our streets and the Gazebo Christmas tree, this article and its photographs double as a companion to After Thoughts this month.

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