A Butterfly Waystation

Beginning this spring, Corn Hill residents and visitors to the West Riverwalk will enjoy seeing the new Butterfly Waystation. Initiated by CHNA’s Beautification Committee, the 1400 square foot area is situated along the southern end of the walk just north of the Ford St Bridge. The naturally landscaped area will feature native perennial floral plantings to attract migrating and local butterflies.  Plans for the project also include a steel bench, informational signs, and graphics for people to identify the various plants and butterflies they attract.  

While the concept and purpose of creating a butterfly garden seem simple enough, designing a Waystation of this size involves not only purchasing and putting in suitable plants, but planning for upkeep, replacement of plants, maintenance for the seasons and years ahead, and plans for educating people about the role and importance of the Waystation.  Happily, Monroe County Seneca Park Zoo and Corn Hill Neighbors Association have agreed to partner the responsibility.  Interested Corn Hill residents have already donated over $3500 for the garden, $2400 of which will go toward the purchase and installation of the bench. The Zoo will provide considerable assistance with the selection and planting of native perennials attractive to migrating butterflies, as well as its own specially curated mix of seeds for plants to attract them. To minimize maintenance going forward, they have chosen plants that thrive in drier soil to avoid the need for watering.

For this first year, the Zoo staff will also provide training for interested Corn Hill residents on how to maintain the Waystation, and develop an educational talk related to pollinating plants and butterflies that Corn Hill historians, science educators and community groups can then continue.

To learn more about why butterflies are important to the environment, see Butterfly Conservation .

To learn about native plants for Rochester gardens, see:  RGC Native Plants  .

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