2021 Adopt-A-Pot Flower Project

~ by Joanie Fraver

It’s hard to believe that the Adopt-A-Pot project is already in its 10th year! The presence of these flowerpots, adopted by neighbors and spread throughout the Corn Hill neighborhood, has become a welcome sign of spring. After our frigid February and volatile March weather, and in light of our year-long  COVID fatigue, these symbols of bright days ahead will be especially appreciated this year. 

In late May, the Beautification Committee will plant and fertilize about two-dozen large flowerpots. We will place them in locations that have the greatest visual impact (such as on street corners) and as close as possible to their adoptive parents. All we ask of volunteers is to keep their assigned pots watered throughout the summer and early fall so that the flowers grow and thrive. We only require your green-thumb talents! 

This is not a huge time commitment, but it is an important way in which you might contribute to the pride and beauty of our community. If you are interested in volunteering to become a “pot-parent,”  please contact the Beautification Committee at [email protected] and you will be assigned a  flower pot to nourish. Leave your name, address, and contact information—preferably an email address— and a committee member will get back to you. 

Thank you to all of our past flowerpot parents for making this such a successful, ongoing neighborhood project. Remember that if you would like to continue participation in this beautification effort, you do still need to notify us. Our flowers and flowerpots, like our community art and friendly people, are symbols of our welcoming neighborhood. Please join us! 

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