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Corn Hill Neighbohood Brunch on April 22 – an Earth Day Celebration

Don’t forget to attend the Corn Hill Neighborhood Brunch on April 22 – an Earth Day Celebration. Come and meet your neighbors on Saturday, April 22, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the West Edge, 284 Exchange Blvd. The Corn Hill Social Committee is proud to sponsor another opportunity to catch up with old […]

VoteTilla will disembark at Corn Hill Landing

In 1917, New York State granted women the right to vote, a privilege that was denied to other women across our nation for three more years until the Nineteenth Amendment made suffrage more universal. To celebrate the centennial of this historic event, the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House is planning a weeklong event […]

Bus Cubes are Coming to Corn Hill!

Starting April 29th you’ll notice brightly colored wooden cubes at nine different bus stops throughout the neighborhood. Part of an effort to encourage and improve the experience of taking public transit throughout the city, these cubes are an attractive and cost-effective means of providing seating at bus stops. Credit goes to residents Meredith and Adam […]

A Volunteer Tradition

By Joanie Fraver: Most of us with a Corn Hill address were drawn to this neighborhood because of its proximity to center city, the history of the region or the beautiful old architecture. But I would bet that many of us were also attracted by the unique sense of community in Corn Hill that comes from […]

The Gazette is Looking for Volunteers

The Gazette is looking for volunteers to proofread the issue before printing. It’s easy to do at home and takes roughly one hour per month. The only requirements are a sharp eye and some basic knowledge of spelling and rules of grammar. If you’re interested, Barbara Kennedy can show you how it’s done. Contact her […]

CHNA General Meeting Schedule for April 10 CANCELLED

CHNA General Meeting Schedule for April 10 CANCELLED, 501 (c) 3 Status to be Discussed May 8 Please plan on attending the May 8 meeting to learn more about our recent approval as a 501 (c) 3 and our tax-exempt status with New York State. Questions as to the “nuts and bolts” of being such […]

Corn Hill Social Events in 2017

The CHNA Social Committee and the Corn Hill Neighbors Association are busy planning various events for the rest of the year. Some activities in the planning stage include: Earth Day Brunch, Yard Sale and Festival Picnic, Gazebo Concert Series and National Night Out, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Pet Parade, and a Beer and Wine Tasting. Of […]

Calling All Who Are Interested In Corn Hill Public Art

A committee has been formed to plan for permanent and performance art throughout Corn Hill. We’d love to have your input!! If you have any ideas you’d like considered, or would like to attend an upcoming public art committee meeting, please email Joe Arena at [email protected] We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Think Spring … and flowers! Adopt-A-Pot program 2017

For the past 5 years, the Beautification Committee has sponsored a spring Adopt-A-Pot program, where neighbors care for matching flower pots placed throughout the streets of our neighborhood. The Committee plans to continue this project, but after 5 years of experience, we know where the most strategic pot placement is to make the greatest visual […]

Interested in Working on the 2017 Holiday Tour of Homes?

The sold-out 2016 Holiday Tour of Homes was a successful and enjoyable event for our visitors and Corn Hill residents alike. What a unique way to celebrate the winter season and share our community and history with our fellow Rochester and suburban neighbors! We are looking to build on that success, so if you are […]