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Peace Poles on Troup St.

New to Troup St !!! If you’re walking down Troup St. near the Daughters of the American Revolution mansion, check out the seven “Peace Poles” installed in CDT park! The idea was Cheryl Arena’s.

Houses Needed for 2017 Holiday Tour of Homes

  For 31 years the Corn Hill Neighbors Association has conducted a highly successful tour through many of our outstanding neighborhood homes during the first Saturday in December. But as of yet, committee requests for neighbors to open their homes have not been successful. Won’t you consider offering your home for the 32nd Annual Holiday […]

Candidates Sought for Election to 2018 CHNA Board

  The Ad-Hoc Nominating Committee will be seeking candidates for September’s election of board members. Elected directors serve two-year terms and play a vital role in the welfare of our community. This year, five board positions are available. We would like to give a tremendous thank you to the current board members whose terms are […]

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Program

The Housing Council at PathStone provides a Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Program for Monroe and surrounding counties. The foreclosure prevention department assists clients who are at risk of , or facing mortgage and tax default. This program evaluates their clients financial situation and concentrates on a solution that works best for the individual. The foreclosure prevention […]

National Night Out in Corn Hill – 2017

The Corn Hill Neighborhood Block Captain system has been in place for many years to help neighbors stay connected to Corn Hill news, events, and security concerns. The Security Committee keeps a list of active Block Captains, who are typically responsible for an entire street or a section of a street. The responsibilities have morphed […]

Corn Hill Neighbohood Brunch on April 22 – an Earth Day Celebration

Don’t forget to attend the Corn Hill Neighborhood Brunch on April 22 – an Earth Day Celebration. Come and meet your neighbors on Saturday, April 22, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the West Edge, 284 Exchange Blvd. The Corn Hill Social Committee is proud to sponsor another opportunity to catch up with old […]

VoteTilla will disembark at Corn Hill Landing

In 1917, New York State granted women the right to vote, a privilege that was denied to other women across our nation for three more years until the Nineteenth Amendment made suffrage more universal. To celebrate the centennial of this historic event, the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House is planning a weeklong event […]

Bus Cubes are Coming to Corn Hill!

Starting April 29th you’ll notice brightly colored wooden cubes at nine different bus stops throughout the neighborhood. Part of an effort to encourage and improve the experience of taking public transit throughout the city, these cubes are an attractive and cost-effective means of providing seating at bus stops. Credit goes to residents Meredith and Adam […]

A Volunteer Tradition

By Joanie Fraver: Most of us with a Corn Hill address were drawn to this neighborhood because of its proximity to center city, the history of the region or the beautiful old architecture. But I would bet that many of us were also attracted by the unique sense of community in Corn Hill that comes from […]

The Gazette is Looking for Volunteers

The Gazette is looking for volunteers to proofread the issue before printing. It’s easy to do at home and takes roughly one hour per month. The only requirements are a sharp eye and some basic knowledge of spelling and rules of grammar. If you’re interested, Barbara Kennedy can show you how it’s done. Contact her […]