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Painting Party for Corn Hill Neighbors

CHNA Splash Mob Party

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You’re invited to a unique social painting event hosted by Splash Mob Painting Parties where you’ll learn to paint this iconic neighborhood landmark (painting chosen by your Social Committee).

The painting party will be held on March 11th at the West Edge Restaurant from 3:15-6:30 pm. This is a private event exclusively for Corn Hill Neighbors only. This is not a franchised painting party—it is an elevated painting class where you will learn real professional painting techniques.

Don’t think you can paint? Think again. Your instructor, Gloria Kreitzberg, is a professional artist and will have you painting like a pro. No artistic skills required.

Registration online is required (no walk-ins please). There is a limited number of spots available so sign up soon. You’ll pay only $15 (normally a $65 class that’s been discounted to $40 per person for our group). Your Social Committee is paying the difference, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Register at:
Call Gloria at 585.310.2584 with any questions or visit the Splash Mob website at

See you there.

Corn Hill Gazette | December 2016 / January 2017

The December 2016/January 2017 Corn Hill Gazette is now available for Download.

Corn Hill Gazette Cover December 2016

Rochester Central Library Survey

Survey Link:

Corn Hill residents are requested to respond to this survey in an effort to better meet the needs of our greater community. The Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County’s Programming Team is seeking community feedback about Central Library programs and would greatly appreciate our assistance. Please respond to:

The Notorious Fox Sisters–Main Topic At CHNA May General Meeting

The Notorious Fox SistersThe May 9th CHNA General Meeting will feature guest speaker Tracy Lee Murphy, Caretaker of the Hydesville Memorial Park–Birthplace of Modern Spiritualism. Her fascinating presentation relates the details of those mysterious rappings first heard on the night of March 31, 1848. The teenage Fox sisters interpreted these knockings as messages from the spirit of a peddler who said he’d been murdered some years earlier and his body was hidden in the basement. After that night, men began digging in the basement’s dirt floor but found no human remains. Shortly afterward, they moved into the Third Ward and were living at the corner of Troup and Sophia Streets (now Plymouth Avenue) when they presented their first large public demonstrations at Corinthian Hall. An impressive obelisk stands here today on Troup Street to commemorate the Fox Sisters and is now a part of our Corn Hill Historic Wellness Trail. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about this important connection to our neighborhood’s history. The 7:30 p.m. CHNA meeting will be held in the lower level conference room at 133 S. Fitzhugh Street.

Country Line Dancing at the Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel Community SpaceOn Sunday, April 17, the CHNA Social Committee will host a neighborhood Country Line Dance at the Flying Squirrel Community Center, 285 Clarissa Street from 1-4 p.m.

Neighbors are asked to bring a dish to pass and a non-alcoholic beverage.

The committee will provide all other amenities. RSVP to [email protected] no later than Friday, April 15th. Sadly, plans for the March Euchre Tournament did not materialize as hoped so that event had to be cancelled. The committee looks forward to rescheduling another Euchre event at some future date.

“July ‘64” Film to be shown at CHNA General Meeting, April 11

The 7:30 p.m. April 11th CHNA General Meeting will be held in the fellowship hall at the Memorial AME Zion Church, 549 Clarissa Street. The agenda will feature a showing of the one-hour film, “July ‘64” presented by the film’s director, Carvin Eison. This film, produced by Chris Christopher, boasts a score by Duke Ellington and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (“Night Creature”) and is narrated by Emmy Award winner and Tony Award nominee Roscoe Lee Browne. “July ‘64” contains historic archival footage, news reports, interviews with witnesses and tells the story of the three-day rioting in sections of Rochester (including Corn Hill’s Clarissa Street) when our northern, mid-sized US city made national news. This film reveals new information and provokes the question of why race, and the entitlement it does or does not carry, remains a potentially destructive issue today. The CHNA offers its sincere appreciation to Memorial AME Zion’s pastor, Kenneth James, and to its Board of Trustees for their gracious hospitality of this very important neighborhood meeting.

$100 Wegmans Gift Card Drawing at 2015 Arts Festival

At 1 p.m. on Sunday, July 12 on the Cadillac Main Stage at the Food Court in the Adams Street athletic field, CHNA Wellness Committee Chairperson Walter Getz will draw the winning Corn Hill Wellness Trail Passport from all completed passports that have been received at the CHNA office by noon on Friday, July 10. The winner will receive a $100 Wegmans Gift Card and will be notified if not in attendance to receive their prize. If you have completed your visits to all 10 Corn Hill historic sites, made the rubbings on your passport, and have filled in all contact information on the back, please make sure your passport is dropped into the CHNA office door slot by noon on the 10th of July.

Corn Hill Charrette

What is a Charrette?

A Charrette is an intensive participatory planning process that brings together a variety of community stakeholders – homeowners, absentee landlords, businesses, city and county representatives, developers, churches, group homes, etc. to develop and share ideas about our community. It is an interactive and dynamic exercise in guided brainstorming to create a community consensus on a vision for the future. Outcomes of the process will not only be a vision but creation of tangible steps toward achieving this vision for our public realm.

Why do a Charrette?

  • Engage and empower the greater Corn Hill Community. Bring together all elements –
    • renters(the largest sub-group),
    • churches (the largest property owners),
    • homeowners (resident and absentee),
    • developers,
    • property owner groups,
    • Rochester Housing Authority,
    • multiple rental property owners,
    • The City – community development, zoning, transportation, forestry and environmental services.
  • Facilitate a process to bring key people together for community improvement.
  • Ensure that critical issues are identified and a process is put in place for a proactive rather than a reactive approach to change. These issues may include Building, Zoning, Transportation, Forestry, Riverfront, etc.
  • Renew a spark of community pride and investment in the neighborhood rather than just an investment in property for income.
  • Celebrate our history and the story of our area so that there is renewed understanding of preservation.
  • Increase communication between and among neighborhood members and the larger community – thus opening the door to all residents for inclusion and involvement.
  • Use the vision to leverage our resources for additional resources – grants, etc. and to encourage homeowners to invest in properties, bringing the whole to a new level of excellence.
  • Recently, there seems to have been a lack of notification from the City of Rochester about issues which may affect neighborhoods, i.e. permitting a new Group Home in Corn Hill, the Erie Harbor Development in the South Wedge.
  • There has also been an increase in absentee landlords with subsequent home deterioration and lack of visible upkeep.

Potential Outcomes

  • Momentum and community direction toward achieving neighborhood visions.
  • Production of physical drawings and plans for the creation of a public realm.
  • Design of a master plan for public presentation – particularly green space, riverfront, walkways and infrastructure.
  • An increase in civic engagement within the community as evident in new relationships, increased involvement, and the long term effect of home pride and upkeep.

Charrette Process


  • Determine if there is community interest.
  • April 2010 gathering at the Adam Street Rec Center brought out a cross section of 74 residents who expressed concern about the public realm, identifying five elements:
    1. Homes/Services
    2. Green Space
    3. Streets/walkways (lighting, signs, crosswalks)
    4. River Way
    5. Community Art
  • Preliminary scoping application and meeting to determine appropriateness of application and process.
  • Financial commitment from CHNA and finalize contract with RRCDC/CHNA for facilitation.

In Process

  • Selection of Steering Committee – 10-12 people who will meet twice a month for 6-8 months to develop materials and identify people for a successful Charrette.
  • Identify key stakeholders to assure inclusion and broad participation.
  • Development of focus groups to expand key areas and pre-Charrette involvement
  • Assemble information about community
  • Plan Charrette day
  • Publicize the event
  • Charrette Day ( goal 300 participants – September 24, 2011)
  • Follow-up reports.

    Join the Charrette Discussion Group